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Frequently Asked Questions

To join, you must have a Premium Java Edition Minecraft Account
Simply download any version of Minecraft that we support and connect using the IP: play.blockedin.net
This is a Minecraft Network that enhances the Vanilla experience.
All servers offer a custom and unique experience that expands and enhances the classic Minecraft Experience.
Yes there is. You can join using the link: https://discord.blockedin.net
No. This server is not P2W and most, if not all perks can be obtained entirely for free by simply being a part of the server.
You can get up to 10 rewards each day by simply voting which can be exchanged for even more rewards that are harder to obtain.
All ranks be viewed at our store: https://www.blockedin.store
Simple. Build and place a Minecraft bed and sit on it.
You can also use /sethome to set your home and use /home to return there in the event your bed is broken.
Originally, we intended to offer support for Bedrock Edition through linking your account using the Geyser service.
However, with our upcoming planned features, they won't be supported on Bedrock Edition until the future.
So no, we will only support Minecraft Java Edition
Currently, there is a restriction on World Border sizes depending on each world.
You can view the world sizes at Spawn on each server.
Please read the rules as this depends on which server / gamemode you are playing on.
The minimum server version is 1.14.
The maximum server version is always the latest version or one behind.
This depends on which gamemode / server you are playing on, but usually yes.
If you have unlocked the perk (either through buying the rank or obtaining it through vouchers), you can use /back to get back to where you was. 
Otherwise, you will need to make your way back manually. 
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